For lovers of Tuscan art and culture, Azienda Merlini offers the assistance of Officially Licensed Tour Guides. On request, guided excursions can be organized to the major art centers of the provinces of Siena, Florence and Pisa, or personalized thematic itineraries tailored to the interests and curiosity of the individual client.
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Adopt an olive tree purpose is the preservation of Tuscan landscape, forged through the centuries by man’s work

Adopt an olive tree wants to give support to those small businesses that are the heart of Italian agriculture: with your help small companies like Azienda Agricola Merlini will be able to survive and continue their essential work handed down since centuries  in order to preserve our precious heritage: a natural jewel, a treasure of knowledge that belongs to us all!!

Adopt an olive tree is also an original gift idea for those who love nature, culture and flavours of Tuscany: give someone you love the opportunity to take care of a Tuscan olive tree!

Adopt an olive tree is organised in partnership with Guide In Toscana- Licensed Tour Guides In Tuscany

The aim of Guide in Toscana is to promote a sustainable tourism, connected with giving value to the excellence of what we love to define as “the best part” of Tuscany: our hamlets, castles, parish churches, abbeys far from the mass tourism’s frantic pace and unbridled consumerism, and its sensational and distorted aspect.

These are true and real territorial excellences that after so many centuries keep on miraculously living in a symbiosis with a worldwide unique agrarian landscape. The Tuscan territory has been shaped throughout the centuries thanks to the intelligence of its makers and inhabitants: the creators of an agricultural economy faithful to the forms of its landscape, able to make the most of every inch of land, turning farming and agriculture into a form of art and culture.

The history of important cities such as Florence, San Gimignano or Siena cannot be fully understood without a thorough and detailed analysis of their landscape: their grandeur is due to the constant attention to their land and communities

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