Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing different types of olives: Frantoio, Leccino del Corno, Moraiolo, Pendolino-piangente, Morcaio.

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100% extra virgin olive oil straight from the Farm 

Our olives are picked by hand with the aid of combs and nets between late October and mid-November. The harvesting period depends on the variety and maturity of the olives. They are carefully selected and within a few hours sent to the press, where they are subjected to cold pressing. The very high quality of our extra virgin olive oil is due to the nature of the soil in which our trees are planted, the early harvest and also the first pressing.

100% Made in Italy

The olives we use to produce our oil come from olive trees planted on our property ONLY: buying our oil means to be sure to bring to your table an extra virgin olive oil which is 100% Italian and – especially in our case – the authenticity and goodness of 100% Tuscan olive oil. The percentage point of acidity of our extra-virgin is approximately 0.20%. This very low percentage point of oleic acid proves the high quality of our product  (the maximum threshold set by the law is 0.80%). Only the best oils can be classified as “extra virgin”, they must be produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, under temperatures that will not degrade the oil and contain a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid of not more than 0,80%.

In order to prove its high quality, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil was subjected analysis. Click here to view the Chemical Analysis in detail.

Cultivation techniques. Our company follows the growing procedures related to the so called integrated agriculture, as required by the Tuscan Regulation: “General principles for the agricultural production obtained from the integrated agriculture method” (Rural Development Plan 2007- 2013 EC Reg. 1698/2005 and Regional Law 14th April 1999 n. 25)*

The integrated pest control is a crop protection system that provides a drastic reduction of pesticides, implementing different necessary measures. These include:

  • – the use of pesticides that are slightly or non-toxic to humans and beneficial insects;
  • – fighting against pest insect by mating disruption methods (use of pheromone diffusers);
  • – the use of selective pesticides (eliminating only certain insects);
  • – pesticides that can be easily denatured by the biochemical action of the soil and air;
  • – trying to predict the occurrence of the conditions causing the development of parasites, in order to use specific pesticides only in case of an actual danger and not at fixed time intervals as a preventive measure;
  • – special care and elimination of infected plants.

* Disciplinare della  Regione Toscana “Principi generali della Regione Toscana per le produzioni agricole ottenute con metodo dell’agricoltura integrata“(Piano di Sviluppo Rurale 2007- 2013 Reg. CE 1698/2005 e L.R. 14 aprile 1999 n. 25)

100%  hight quality

Our extra virgin is obtained by crushing fresh, first quality olives ONLY, which are picked and immediately subjected to cold pressing, and have not undergone any other treatment in addition to washing, separation from twigs and leaves and centrifugation.

100% Extra virgin rich in polyphenols: a major purchase for your health

The climatic and environmental conditions, the varieties and methods of cultivation of our olive trees, the fruit picking, the right degree of ripening and the skillful pressing procedures are the elements that determine the quality of our extra virgin oil: its harmonious taste and fruity aroma, characterized by hints of artichoke and thistle, of freshly cut grass and almond mixed tobitter and spicy notes are indicators of a great natural product, rich in polyphenols – powerful antioxidants – which preserves all its healthy properties. To find out and learn more about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil CLIC HERE!


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Even though reading the label can generally guarantee the quality and origins of an olive oil, it can also be an end in itself. Direct purchase from the Producer, where you can taste the oil, is therefore the best way to buy it. Make a smart purchase, choose to buy the quality of real extra virgin olive oil:

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