Adopt an olive tree and visit San Gimignano low cost


Do you want to visit San Gimignano low cost with your own personal Tour Guide? Adopt an olive tree and visit San Gimignano at low price!

Adopt an olive tree has as purpose the preservation of Tuscan landscape, forged through the centuries by man’s work

Adopt an olive tree wants to give support to small family businesses that are the heart of Italian agriculture: with your help they will be able to survive and continue their work handed down since centuries in order to preserve the Tuscan landscape: a natural jewel, a treasure of knowledge that belongs to us all!!

Adopt an olive tree is also an original gift idea for those who love nature, culture and flavours of Tuscany: give someone you love the opportunity to take care of a Tuscan olive tree!

For just 10€

1) you’ll visit San Gimignano with your own personal Tour Guide for 90€

2) for you one of the excellence of our territory: a pack of 0.50 liter of fine Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you can pick up directly at Azienda Agricola Merlini

3) you’ll have the photo and the Adoption Certificate of your olive tree ; they will be sent to your e-mail address

4) you can give any name you like to your olive tree. This will be certified on the Adoption Certificate along with its GPS location.

5) you can visit your olive tree

6) you will also have a 10% discount on the purchase of Extravirgin Olive Oil produced by Azienda Agricola Merlini

The guided tour (90€) can be paid directly on the spot to the Guide.

Only for individuals and small groups up to 10 people.