Summer means holidays, the perfect time to taste our extra virgin olive oil!

Summer means holidays, and many of you will have probably chosen our beautiful Tuscany as destination, a land filled with plenty of art treasures but also with the extraordinary flavours and aromas of its products.

Your holiday time is so very precious, you should put it to good use, dedicate it to new experiences in order to enrich your knowledge! We invite you to come and visit our estate! Take a wonderful stroll with us, among our olive trees: you will be able to understand up close what extra virgin olive oil is, and the extra care we pay to our beloved plants so that every year we can make sure that the long-awaited harvest time will finally arrive.

Cherry on top, it’s the perfect opportunity to taste our extra virgin olive oil but also to get to know the (surprising!) History of this slice of Tuscany: …we look forward to welcoming you!