Tuscany’s “green gold” walking tour. Discovering the Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Too many are the stereotypes distorting the image, value and correct understanding of this extraordinary tree crop. “A bitter oil is a bad oil”: this is definitely one of the most repeated and misleading clichés we often hear. Many are the myths that surround olive oil, and how much a good extra virgin olive oil should cost is one of them. This guided tour is tailored for those who want to understand what the extra virgin olive oil made in Tuscany really is. Thus we have decided to take a walk with you among our olive trees: for you to understand, directly on the field, everything olive trees and their precious fruits really need. What do olive trees need to grow strong and produce good fruits in good time? When is the right time to harvest olives? And what is the best way to pick them? Last but not least, why the time from picking to pressing is so vitally important? Since in Tuscany, olive oil and landscape are inseparable, we’ll talk about oil but also about the splendid and harmonious landscape surrounding our olive trees and vineyard, trying to answer to the so many people asking us – and wondering – what makes our land so incredibly beautiful and balanced. We will end our tour with a guided tasting of our delicious extra virgin olive oil, in the company of the Merlini family, of course!

NOTICE: Only for small groups up to 6 people.