Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing different types of olives: Frantoio, Leccino del Corno, Moraiolo, Pendolino-piangente, Morcaio.

Our olives are picked by hand with the aid of combs and nets between late October and mid-November. The harvesting period depends on the variety and maturity of the olives. They are carefully selected and within a few hours sent to the press, where they are subjected to cold pressing.

Our extra virgin is obtained by crushing fresh, first quality olives ONLY, which are picked and immediately subjected to cold pressing, and have not undergone any other treatment in addition to washing, separation from twigs and leaves and centrifugation.

The olives we use to produce our oil come from olive trees planted on our property ONLY.

The freshness of the Leccino, the aroma of the Frantoio olives and the strong character of the Moraiolo produce an extra virgin with a harmonious taste and fruity aroma, characterized by hints of artichoke and thistle, of freshly cut grass and almond mixed to bitter and spicy notes.

Merlini extravirgin olive oil is the best seasoning for soups, cooked and raw vegetables, steamed dishes, white meats, roasted red meats, baked fish, fresh cheeses.