On this page you can download the the chemical analysis’ results of our extra virgin olive oil

Chemical analysis 30-10-2023

Chemical analysis 06-11-2023

2023: 0,21%
The acidity of an olive oil is given by the amount of free fatty acids. Acidity, measurable only by chemical analysis, is a fundamental indicator of product quality, as well as defining its product classification according to European legislation (extra virgin, virgin, lampante). An olive oil is classified as extra virgin when acidity in oleic acid is less than or equal to 0.80%.
2023: 4,8 meqO2/kg

The value of peroxides in an olive oil attests to its degree of primary oxidation and hence its tendency to become rancid. The lower the number of peroxides, the better the quality of the olive oil and its conservation status. The quality of an olive oil is GREAT if the peroxide value remains below 7 meqO2 / kgThe quality of an olive oil is VERY GOOD if the peroxide value remains between 7 and 10 meqO2/ kg.

2023: 336 mg/kg
Polyphenols are among the most precious components of olive oil: they are the ones that determine the characteristic fruity aroma and the spicy and bitter taste of extra virgin olive oil. Polyphenols protect the oil from the oxidation process and also play a powerful antioxidant action on human body. The higher the concentration of polyphenols, the better are the organoleptic qualities of an extra virgin olive oil, the greater its ability to last over time and the positive effects on human health. The quality and the duration of an extra virgin olive oil are defined VERY HIGH if the value of polyphenols is greater than 200 mg / kg.


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