The new extravirgin olive oil (2023): characteristics

The new extravirgin olive oil (2023): characteristics

Dear friends,
yesterday we made the pressing of the first part of our olives!

So the NEW Extra Virgin Olive Oil is NOW available!
Aside from the color, bright green, this year we have found in our extravirgin that notes of bitter and spicy that are two of the unique characteristics of Tuscan extravirgin olive oil made when most of the olives are still green.


The extravirgin obtained from olives still largely green is rich in antioxidants (the POLYPHENOLS to which we owe the bitter note) and anti-inflammatories (to whom we owe the note of spicy, typical of the oleocantale): antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are at the highest level when you run an early harvest with olives still largely green.

These are the values resulting from chemical analysis:

Acidity: 0,21%

Peroxides: 4,8 meqO2/kg

Polyphenols: 336 mg/kg

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Best wishes from all the family!