August: waiting for the new extravirgin olive oil…!

This year we had a wonderful summer with lots of sun and a warm, dry weather!
These weather conditions have prevented the olives’ No. 1 enemy, the olive fly, from reproducing uncontrollably and damaging our fruits: high temperatures, above 36°C, shorten the insect’s life cycle preventing the development of larvae.
We can happily announce that this year’s harvest seems to be very promising!
The olive harvest season will begin in less than 2 month, and you might wonder what’s going on inside our olives …
During the months of July and August the stone hardening begins; while the oil formation process begins in early September
and the pulp cells start growing: small droplets of oil form inside the pulp cells (mesocarp); these will later be stored
in the vacuole, the olive organ cell intended for this purpose.

We’ll be in touch soon with the latest news!